About Us

Throughout the decades, our family developed the land into the homestead it is today.

  • 1970’s - built a one-bed room camp
  • 1980’s - added irrigation along creek bed to provide spring water to camp, planted trees
  • 1990’s - timbered select cut trees above 13/14 inches, 99 rebuilt camp, added new roads
  • 2000’s - cleared a 3 acre backfield; began planting feed corn
  • 2010’s - planted new fruit trees, bushes, and vines; added 2 gardens, raised chickens
  • 2020's - more gardening!

In the mid 2010's, we began to look towards self-sustainability. We focused our efforts on vegetable and fruit production as well as raising chickens. Inspired by Joel Salatin, we sought to create our own farm, based on organic farming practices and market gardening. By the 2020's, we soon had an over-abundance of food. In the first couple years of extended garden planning, our neighbors ate well! We are hoping to make our way of life sustainable and bring our food to more places.